Arby’s Just Launched The Biggest ‘F*ck You’ To Vegetarians We’ve Ever Seen

It must be difficult for restaurants to accommodate for dietary restrictions, but it looks like Arby's is giving a real shot at adjusting their menu for vegetarians.

With today being Leap Day, Arby's, the fast food restaurant that's so proud of its meat, its slogan is "We have the meats," is testing out a meatless menu highlighted by the vegetarian-friendly Bread Sandwich.

bread sandwich


You might be asking, what the heck a bread sandwich is, and the answer is actually pretty revolutionary. The bread sandwich is a bottom bun usually found in a sandwich, generously topped off with the top portion of a bun you'd usually find in a sandwich.

While it's not gluten-free, the sandwich at least caters to vegetarians, and or, people allergic to vegetables.


The rest of their vegetarian menu is pretty much the same as their regular menu, sans meat.


Even if it is only for one day, Brand President Rob Lynch said they'll offer the menu every February 29 if it does well.

"... We’ve decided to give vegetarians a reason to visit Arby’s on Leap Day by offering a one-day menu designed specifically for them," Lynch said.  "If it goes well, we’ll likely bring back the vegetarian menu on Feb. 29 each year.”

It's nice to see restaurants trying to get along with vegetarians, especially since it's so hard to find a good vegetarian alternative in fast food.

Big ups to Arby's.