How to Pair Wine with Beer, Because Pairing with Food is Not Drunk Enough


All spirited elitism aside, it turns out, yes, it is possible to love both wine and beer. Hallelujah!

VinePair is the handy wine resource site that recently released an infographic suggesting which wines might taste best to beer drinkers. Czech pilsner fan? Try a similarly acidic but still slightly sweet riesling. Love kolsch's summery hops? Here, have a sauvignon blanc. Of course, wine drinkers can use the graphic to work backwards as well, as full-bodied cab drinkers will find something equally hearty in an imperial stout, while chardonnay's fruity lightness should resemble a nice wheat beer.


Check out the rest of the VinePair site for more wine faqs, along with the best Valentine's wine suggestions, food pairings, and funny Google autocompletes.

H/T Design Taxi + Picthx nickodoherty, VinePair