6 Horrifying Things Left In Food That'll Make You Reconsider Eating Out

1. Serrated knife


After John Agnesini found a 7-inch serrated knife in his Subway cold cut combo sandwich, the Queens customer sought $1 million in a lawsuit. The sandwich chain counter-offered $20,000, which he took.

2. Bloody band-aid


Ken Wieczerza bit into a leftover slice of Pizza Hut and chewed on what he then realized was a bloody band-aid baked into the bottom crust. After trying to quietly resolve the matter, wanting only blood work and tests to make sure he hadn’t suddenly been give hepatitis or AIDS, he went to the media when the pizza chain stopped returning his calls.


3. Human flesh


At a Miami Arby’s, a man found a piece of flesh that didn’t belong to a chicken. Once he saw fingerprints on it, he knew what he was looking at and bolted to the bathroom. As it turned out, in the investigation that followed, the manager had sliced his thumb pretty bad while shredding lettuce.

4. . Deep-fried chicken head


Photo Credit: methodshop


Katherine Ortega bought a box of McDonald’s fried wings for her kids, only to discover a chicken body part she wasn’t looking for. She found a deep-fried head, complete with beak, eyes, and comb, totally breaded and fried. Many believe it to have been faked, but given this list, maybe the super weird isn’t all that super rare.

5. Winged insect

bug hashbrown

There’s nothing like eating your McDonald’s hash brown on the way home and feeling something weird in the bag...and then practically eating what appears to be a giant cooked moth. When would you get over your trust issues?

6. Hand towel


At a KFC in the United Kingdom, a woman and her 7-year-old stepson bit into (what he had every right to assume was) a chicken nugget to discover it instead filled with a rock-hard, blue hand towel.

Honorable Mention: Penis-shaped buffalo chicken tender


Guys point out penises in everything. It’s a strange infatuation, whether “this looks like a penis” and “that looks like a penis.” But this chicken monstrosity really looks like a penis. So much so that the guy who snapped the photo called it “The Buffalo Dicken Finger."