3 Easy To Make Coffee Cocktails (Other Than Irish Coffee)

Humans are the only animals that consciously deprive themselves of sleep. Whether you’re running on an all-nighter or a series of power naps, you probably need to bring caffeine into the mix.

But what if you’re exhausted and still have social obligations? Put down the Red Bull Vodka and educate yourself on some hair-raising coffee cocktails.

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To all those Irish coffee lovers who want a little more zing in their cup with less effort, this coffee-infused whiskey promises to pick you up and mellow you out after a long day at work. The combination of two such strong drinks is ideal to some, but those with more delicate sensibilities can add creamer or water for a smoother experience.

Who It’s For: The lazy drinker. It’s already made for you, assuming that you drink your coffee black. Ambitious folks can add it to other cocktails and treat it similarly to coffee liqueur.

Dark Moon

dark moon


If you need more caffeine and a whiskey alternative, this creamy cocktail packs cold brew coffee, coffee liqueur, and Mexican Coca-Cola together with a splash of rum.

Who It’s For: The Keurig-touting coffee lover with a sweet tooth and a tough job.


Espresso Martini


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For the five people in the world who can keep a martini glass level at all times, the espresso martini aims to knock them down a few peg. Brimming with a caffeine, this cocktail is not for the faint of heart.

Who It’s For: The coffee lover who roasts their own beans, owns their own espresso machine, and needs something to take the edge off their third cup of coffee.