$11 Gets You All-You-Can-Eat Whoppers in Japan

triple whopper

Burger King Japan is where it's at. The international fast food giant is offering customers all-you-can-eat Whoppers for the small price of 1,200 Yen, or $11 USD. Before you drift off into a dreamland of endless burgers at a sweet price, there's a catch.

But, customers aren't necessarily having it their way. To qualify for the gluttonous deal customers first have to consumer a "Challenge Set": two Whoppers, a medium fry, and a medium drink. Seriously, that's child's play for us in the states. Not sure it's something we should be proud of, but hey, 'Murica.


Once a customer finishes their Challenge Set, they can get to work on nomming on all the Whoppers they could ever want, yes, there's a second catch, they only get a half hour to scarf down their precious burgers. Oh, yeah, there's a third little disclaimer, this deal only applies to the straight up O.G. Whopper, none of those fancy versions that have been in the news lately. If you happen to find yourself in Japan this month, this AYCE deal runs from November 4-13.

H/T Eater