10 Intricate Gingerbread Houses That Look Too Good To Eat

Once we get over the decidedly violent task of carving pumpkins and turkeys, we shift our attention to the sweet, delicate gingerbread houses we plan to construct. You might think your gingerbread house is the best thing since gummy bear gargoyles, but many pastry chefs consider the holidays to be their Olympics. Don’t be jelly; just grab some jelly beans off your house’s roof. Here are a few sculptures depicting (mostly) real locales throughout the world with screen-licking attention to detail.

The Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)


This brings a whole new meaning to eating your way through Paris. Getting everything from the fountain to the tower itself in such great detail makes for a stunning gingerbread house.

The U.S. Capitol Building (Washington D.C., U.S.)


They cheated! They used a branch to build this house: the legislative branch! In all seriousness, this gingerbread version of the Capitol building is gorgeous. The only thing it's missing is gingerbread Congress members outside.

Országház (Budapest, Hungary)



Hungary’s Parliament never made me so hungry. The castle literally looks like a postcard!

Lama Temple (Beijing, China)


I’m finding inner peace already. Oh wait, I’m finding the inner pieces of this compound to be delicious. But sure, peace is there, too.

The White House (Washington D.C., U.S.)

Photo: EJ Hersom


Ah, yes, The White House: post-scorching by the Brits (which is why it isn't white in this version). If those nutcrackers are to scale, you’d hope they helped put out the fire.

The Smithsonian Castle (Washington D.C., U.S.)


You better not shout, and you better not cry. Oh, and you better not eat any national treasures (we’re all looking at you, Nic Cage)!

The Guggenheim Museum (New York City)


This creation is stunning, but also completely unbelievable: those taxis aren’t cutting anyone off at all!

Melbourne Cricket Ground (Melbourne, Australia)



Sometimes, you create a gingerbread cricket stadium, but stage an Aussie rules football match. Because you play by your own rules.

The Benson Hotel’s “Castle Dubendorf” (Portland, Oregon, U.S.)


Over the moat and through the courtyard, to grandmother’s ethically-built crib we go! What an amazing masterpiece put up by The Benson Hotel to promote a Make-A-Wish toy drive.

The Empire State Building (New York City, New York, U.S.)


He’s got the world on a string light, this jolly Santa Kong.