Here's How to Transform a Starbucks Paper Bag Into a Wallet


Starbucks drinkers are a crafty bunch right? The kind of people with Pinterest pages who go to farmer's markets and praise sustainability? Well here's a neat little recycling trick for any Starbucks paper bags you 'bucks-heads may have lying around: paper bag origami wallets!

Ostensibly this life hack works with any paper bag, but the Starbucks logo is what makes it Insta-worthy. All you need are a craft knife, double-sided tape, and a brown paper bag wide enough to contain a dollar bill and tall enough to fit the bill after you've folded the bag in on itself three times. Then, as per the directions of Youtuber thebigbluevan, just tear a few flaps open, tear some stuff off, fold some stuff in, and tape some stuff together, et voila, an entirely Urban Outfitters-worthy money holder, at least three months before the UO starts carrying some for Christmas.


Full written directions and photos can also be found on Rocket News