Hello Weekend: Gummy Bear Sangrias


We did it. Labor Day feels like forever ago, but we've pushed through the past three grueling work days to find ourselves at the start of another weekend. Time to sleep, drink, and eat our weight in candy. And we just found an incredible way to do two of those things at once.


Drunken gummy bears are nothing new, but this Gummy Bear Sangria recipe takes the ratchet-y college staple and classes it up a bit with fresh fruit and wine. Simply place your gummy bears in a container with your alcohol of choice (this recipe calls for vodka, though spiced rum sounds good too), let them soak for at least 8 hours, strain, then pour over with chilled white wine, sparkling water, and apple juice. There's truly no better way to say I'm an overgrown child AND a semi-functioning adult. You can even add the leftover strained-through vodka back to the sangria for an extra kick. Go on, you deserve it.

Get the whole recipe at mynameisyeh.