This 9-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has His Own Cookie Company, Will Make Grown Ass Adults Feel Insecure


Meet 9-year-old Cory Nieves, the CEO of his own cookie company, Mr. Cory's Cookies. Yes, while the rest of us were still sucking our thumbs and trolling playgrounds at 9-years-old, this less-than-a-decade-old entrepreneur is cutting checks and scheduling meetings with 40-year-old business moguls.

Cory founded the business in 2009, slinging hot chocolate outside his house in New Jersey. His goal at the time was to raise enough money for his mom to buy a car after the family moved from NYC.

The rest, is soon-to-be history. Cory has since expanded the baking business to cookies, including sugar-free oatmeal raisin cookies and a recipe for what he likes to call the "perfect" chocolate chip cookie.


Of course, Mr. Cory dresses impeccably every day at work.

No big. Just getting his shoes shined in between cookie sales.

When he's not busy bossing it up, he likes to take photos with hungry customers.


Yes. He really is this adorable.

The key to his success? "Presentation is the key to success," he tells Huffpo. "People first look at my style and ask 'who dresses you? Your mom?' and my mom says 'do you see what I have on? I need my son to dress me.'"

Oh, and did we mention he has a brick and mortar shop in the works? This kid is officially our hero.