Elvis Bacon, Because Regular Bacon is Inadequate


Because regular bacon gets boring, Dude Foods has created Elvis Bacon. A take on the Elvis Sandwich, these are strips of bacon covered in a peanut butter glaze, and sprinkled with freeze-dried bananas.

Nick at Dude Foods has shown us some epic Elvis creations over the years, from the Pop Tart Elvis Burger to the Bacon Weave Elvis Sandwich. This one is a little less complicated, but looks just as Elvisey as the other creations.


For the peanut butter glaze, Nick used sugar, creamy peanut butter, milk, and vanilla. He then applied the glaze immediately after baking the strips of bacon.  Using a bag of pre-packaged freeze-dried bananas, he cut them into pieces and added them to the gloriously glazed bacon strips.

These could make for some next-level bacon cheeseburgers, or breakfast burritos.

Recipe: Dude Foods