ATTENTION: This is a Real-Life Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Making homemade donuts and Twinkies is so yesterday. These days, creating your very own ice cream sandwiches is where it's at.

Made by Nostalgia Electrics the Ice Cream Sandwich Maker is basically a George Foreman for the cookie part of this dessert. Just place cookie dough into the molds, let 'em cook and you're set to build any sort of ice cream sandwich you fancy! Peanut butter ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon sugar cookies enveloping a sea of Neapolitan ice cream? YES. PLEASE.


The grill also comes with round and rectangular molds to make your dessert rival the neighborhood ice cream man's.

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, $20 @Bed Bath & Beyond