How to Make an Edible YouTube Play Button Cake


Next time you're hosting a Webby awards party, you can volunteer to make the desert. You'll want to anyway, because How To Cook That will teach you how to make a YouTube cake, that looks exactly like the iconic play button.

A masterpiece like this takes some time. The process starts with baking a sponge cake, then cutting it into tiny triangles (the play button) and stringing them on a skewer placed into a long container.  Then, interested bakers can make a raspberry and white-chocolate mousse, which is poured into the mold and set. So maybe this should be called a YouTube mousse with only a little cake. But either way, it sounds and looks absolutely delicious.


How to Cook That also features a recipe for a Twitter cake and an Instagram cake. So if you're having a big gathering, you can at least have enough cakes to go around (or let your friends pick their social media outlet of choice). What's up next for this cake-baking channel? We'd be willing to bet some Facebook or Pinterest-worthy Pinterest cakes (heh) might appear in the future.