Chips Ahoy Just Stuffed Birthday Frosting Inside their Cookies


Upon first glance at the above photo, I thought, Oh, that's cute. Birthday cake frosting on a cookie. Then my gaze fell on the six letter word: filled. After doing a minor brain somersault, my eyes inspected the inglorious photo on the package.


Yes, Chips Ahoy has managed to outdo themselves (see: ice cream cookies) and birthed yet another fantastic toothache: Birthday Cake Frosting Filled Cookies. As a self-professed cookie addict, I'll admit I'm biased when I say this, but, alas, this may be the death of the actual birthday cake. I'll take a stack of chocolately cookies stuffed with birthday frosting crack and topped with a candle over a fluffy cake with a dismal 8 to 1 frosting to cake ratio. Any damn day.

The new Birthday Frosting Chips Ahoy were spotted by GrubGrade and according to Impulsive Buy, they should be making their way to US shelves soon -- if not already.