Taco Bell Unleashes a Breakfast Quesarito with Scrambled Eggs and Nacho Cheese


Remember when Taco Bell stuck it to Chipotle and made their own not-so-secret-menu quesarito? Well, apparently patrons dug it enough to inspire the chain to expand testing with an AM-friendly version: the Breakfast Quesarito.

Spotted by GrubGrade reader Aaron, this double-layered beast wraps a nacho cheese quesadilla around a burrito filled with scrambled eggs drenched in melted cheddar cheese. You can get it stuffed with either sausage or bacon for $1.99 or steak for $2.79. Or, you can just say fuck it, I'm at a goddamn Taco Bell for breakfast and get all three meats at once because protein (bro).


While there was no definite mention of where this new item was spotted, we're assuming it was Oklahoma City like its less-eggy predecessor.

Picthx GrubGrade