Golden Goose Egg Scrambler Lets You Scramble Hard Boiled Eggs In The Shell


Don't know why, but we're suckers for a good case of kitchen wizardry. Last April, a neat hack made its way around the web, instructing viewers on how to make scrambled eggs without ever having to break open a shell. The trick was to spin the egg around a tight tube like a long sock or t-shirt sleeve and use the centripetal force to crack open the egg yolk from within.

Well, now someone's made a machine to make that whole process about . . . 2% easier. It's called the "Golden Goose," and it uses the same mechanics as the sock method. Just pop an egg inside the white and yellow plastic capsule, grab the two string-attached handle rings, and pull. Eventually all the spinning will be enough to break the gooey, unfertilized insides into a diffused form that can be hard boiled into scrambled deviled eggs, scrambled soft boiled eggs, or even scrambled egg tater tots (?).


H/T + Picthx Design Taxi