ICYMI: Here’s How to Scramble Hard Boiled Eggs Inside Their Shells


Answering the prayers of precisely five people in the world, an instructional video by YouTuber Nighthawkinlight has made the rounds this week showing folks how to make scrambled hard boiled eggs. All you need is a long tube of fabric (like a t-shirt sleeve or tights), two rubber bands and an egg. The process itself involves some rigorous and meticulous shaking, but check out the original video below for the full rundown.


Now, nifty as this is, I can imagine the texture takes some getting used to. Like if you happen to hate hard boiled yolks or you accidentally crack open the shell while boiling and end up with an oozing yellow monster thing like I did yesterday. I swear at one point it tried to jump out of the pot, but thankfully I had some chopsticks laid over the top that totally saved my life.

H/T + PicThx Gizmodo