So a Dozen Armed Gentlemen Walk into a Jack in the Box...


Stop me if you've heard this one. A group of more than a dozen armed men in Dallas Fort Worth gave some Jack in the Box employees quite a scare when they entered the restaurant to grab some grub. The men were Open Carry Firearm demonstrators who were protesting their rights to carry firearms in public.

According to NBC Dallas Fort Worth, the employees locked themselves in the freezer in fear of getting robbed by the armed men. Naturally, the police were alert and about 15 officers arrived on the scene. One of the demonstrators, Edwin Haros, said that they weren't breaking any laws or trying to scare anybody. Haros said they just wanted to exercise their constitutional rights. While no one was hurt, maybe some signs could have helped avoid this mishap in the future.


No worries though: the gentlemen still  received their meals to-go as they left the restaurant and posed for photos with the staff.

H/T NBCDFW + Picthx ActUpSpeakOut