Meet the Listerine Strips of Alcohol: Portable Chasers


For some, the thought of knocking back liquor without the aid of cranberry sauce is unbearable. If you're not a fan of vodka's clean, cool flavor or whiskey's warm, smoky taste, a new portable chaser is looking to please.

Packaged like Listerine breath freshener strips, Chaser Strips pack a "pleasant and less jolting" way to throw back shots. Meant to replace orange juice in red cups, the mini flavor strips are placed on the tongue right before taking a drink. After the shot's taken, the strip dissolves and you're left with a sweet aftertaste.


At the moment these portable chasers are only available in mixed berry flavors with plans for a possible cinnamon flavor being discussed -- whiskey fireballs, we're guessing? The company claims that Chaser Strips eliminate the "unpleasant aftertaste" of liquor. Well, that's no fun.

If you're in Texas, expect to see Chaser Strips hit liquor stores soon -- they'll probably be located right next to the Smirnoff Ice.