Get Your Doughnut Fix in Any City With Doughbot App


Doughnuts have gotten pretty fancy in the last few years. No longer are we limited to plain ol' long johns, crullers, and glaze. Now we have gourmet concoctions like the white truffle doughnut or pastry mashups like the cronut taking over the doughnut game. With all these bougie doughnuts popping up at specialty bakeries around the country, don't you wish there was a way to find the nearest shop to get your gourmet fix? No I'm not talking about Yelp, we're talking about an all doughnut app. Enter Doughbot.

Making its Apple Store debut last month, Doughbot searches through Yelp listings, Instagram photos, and Yahoo's search engine to find you nearby doughnut shops. Each listing displays photos and reviews from Yelp along with directions to ensure you arrive at your doughy destination.


The app will cost you $0.99 but can you really put a price on your doughnut love?

H/T + PicThx First We Feast