This Burger Replaces Buns with Beastly Tacos


After stacking two bacon-wrapped deep fried bacon patties in between two buns and calling it a burger, you'd think Philly's PYT would need a breather. No, this isn't child's play. When you reach phenomenal, you take it to the next level and create something that'll make your heart explode just by looking at. Thus, the Double Taco Bun Burger was born.


The folks at PYT have stuffed two beastly tacos with cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, guac drool, jalapeños, salsa and lettuce (as an afterthought). They then wrap both tacos with a second flour tortilla and suffocate them with mo' cheese. Naturally, the double tortilla-wrapped, double cheese-stuffed tacos are slapped on either end of a beef patty in place of measly buns. The burger itself gets rubbed down with taco spices and slathered in sour cream, cilantro and guac. Well, that's just inappropriate.

We'll take seconds.