This Restaurant Named a Steak and Beer After the Critic Who Gave a 2-Star Review

2-Star Porter

Thanks to a harsh rating from a food critic, a Denver restaurant created a unique steak dish and a beer in a cheeky attempt to retaliate.

The Squeaky Bean recently received a two-star review from Denver Post food critic William Porter. The rating was due to the shift from executive chefs Max Mac-Kissock to his replacement Theo Adley since Porter's last visit. In honor of the review, new chef Adley decided to commend Porter on his candidness by naming two menu items after the critic.


Avid readers of Porter's reviews in the Denver Post can now order the William's 2-star Porterhouse, a 24-oz duroc pork steak, and pair it with William's 2-Star Porter beer, created by Bull & Bush at 5% ABV.

No word yet on how they taste. Hopefully better than 2 stars.

H/T Eater + Picthx Squeaky Bean