The Only Thing You Need to Wear to Dinner: Fried Egg & Sushi Hats


Have you ever gotten the urge to take your plate of sushi and slap it on your head? No? Understandable. Those, however, who feel compelled to flaunt their favorite meals on their noggin will be delighted to know there's a next-best option.

Costume designer and stylist Maor Zabar of Tel Aviv, Israel crafts felted wool hats -- sorry "fascinators"  (today I learned that means headpiece) -- in the shape of classic dishes. While the whimsical head decor aren't edible (yet), they're detailed enough to inspire thoughts of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The designs include sushi rolls, wasabi and chopsticks on a wooden plate; a bowl of salad; a marvelous cranberry and blueberry pie; and (my favorite) a sunny-side up egg in a frying pan.


Peek them at Etsy.