Apparently, Children Are Getting Peer Pressured Into Snorting & Smoking Smarties


Apparently, snorting and smoking smarties is the latest epidemic to plague schools in America. And yes, that's smarties, as in those age-old mini multi-colored candies wrapped in plastic.

According to CBS News, a Portsmouth middle school in Rhode Island sent out an email to parents informing them that kids are crushing up the hard candy and either snorting the fine powder through a rolled up paper, or exhaling the dust through their mouths or nose like smoke.


While doctors say the finely chopped candy may give children a sugar rush, they assure parents that it won't get anyone "high." The email continued to provide a detailed list of the health risks associated with this trend, including infection, scarring of the nasal cavity and maggot infestation in the nose. The potential of crushed Smarties as a gateway drug to other substances like cigarettes were also brought up as a possibility. Although, we're still stuck on the idea of maggots feeding off sugar embedded in your nose to take this issue seriously.

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