This Sheep-Pig Produces the World's Greatest Bacon, Probably


So apparently, a sheep-pig exists. Otherwise known as the Mangalitsa, this animal was first bred as an experiment in the nineteenth century to produce more lard-laced meat, and the result was a pig with the body of a porker and the curly-haired coat of a sheep.

Mangalitsas are originally from Hungary, but about 60,000 of them can now be found across the world, including the US. They take about one year -- twice the time of other breeds -- to grow into a full-bellied, 300+ pound sheep-pig, but it's well worth it. Why? The Mangalitsa's meat is a melt-in-your-mouth 50% fat, probably making for the world's greatest bacon.



Unfortunately the buttery meat isn't very common, but it's still a delicacy used by chefs who prefer the Mangalitsa's higher fat content. But really, where can we get our hands on this bacon insanity?