Bizarre Condiment Lube Lets You Get Every Last Drop of Ketchup, Literally

When you reach the bottom of a condiment jar -- ketchup, mustard or mayo, for instance -- it's nearly impossible to scrape out the last bits without pounding, shaking and breaking a sweat in the process. Topping your food should never be so frustrating, which is why LiquiGlide could be the future of food packaging.

MIT-developed LiquiGlide is "the first permanently wet slippery surface," allowing liquids to move easier than ever. The odorless and tasteless coating is composed of FDA-approved materials and can be applied to virtually any surface, from sticky syrup bottles to mustard jars. It even works wonders with beer! See it in action below:


The new packaging also has the potential to drastically reduce food waste. The slippery surface would essentially clean out all viscous liquids from containers, preventing consumers from throwing out those hard-to-reach bits. This would ultimately save money, since we'd be able to get the most out of our food.

The LiquiGlide team is currently in negotiations with various companies to license the formula, which is set to be exclusive for the product's debut early next year. However, the folks over there are on an "ethical mission to reduce waste wherever it occurs," so hopefully we will see a drop in exclusivity soon after.