This is the Largest Single Coffee Creamer You Ever Did See

Extra Large Creamer

We all have our coffee preferences -- black, sugary, maybe a dash of that Starbucks vanilla powder does the trick. However, if you're a fan of an extra creamy brew, then we've come across your next must-have purchase: the Xtra Cream Giant Cream Container.

Extra Large Creamer

If you're one of those people who hog the half-and-half at your local coffee shop, we suggest you grab one of these. The ceramic cup and silicone lid look just like an ordinary creamer, except it holds much more of your favorite coffee addition.

Or, if you enjoy your coffee black, you can just use it as an extremely large, inconvenient mug.

Xtra Cream Giant Cream Container, $11.96 @NeatoShop

Picthx NeatoShop