Er, Mountain Dew Cheetos Hit Shelves in Japan


Mountain Dew Cheetos have arrived and nothing will ever be the same again. The latest limited-edition snack come from Frito Lay Japan, the same people who brought us Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos coated in a sweet cola flavor. According to BrandEating, this isn't the first time a Mountain Dew-flavored item has found its way onto shelves -- back in 2008, they released a mystery Doritos flavor known as "Quest" that appeared here in the US.


The new Mountain Dew Cheetos are dusted with the soda's signature sweet, fizzy taste that bears a similarity to lemon lime chips. Unfortunately, like all breathtaking and beautiful eats, Mountain Dew Cheetos are only available in Japan. However, if you're really aching to get your hands on some, you can order them online for about $3.50 a pack.

Oh, hello 2014.