Here's How To Make A Krispy Kreme Donut Chip Breakfast Sandwich

donut chip breakfast sandwich egg bacon

 This video comes from our friends and partner site POPSUGAR FOOD.

Is it just me, or does every food have a chip version now? Pretzels. Bagels. Cookies. Kale. And now most importantly: donuts. So when you're not cooking your morning meal with this Breakfast Sandwich Maker from the gods or making this breakfast burger with a bacon-weave bun, you've now got a comparable third option - the Krispy Kreme Donut Chip Breakfast Sandwich. Oh, and it's FOODBEAST proof, meaning that even the fast-food dependent can figure this one out. You WILL need a panini press though!

This sandwich combines the sweet and savory including Donut Chips, Maple Bacon, a Fried Egg and Maple Syrup. And because we want you to unleash the true #foodbeast you are, feel free to double the bacon, add an extra egg, place a donut chip in the middle Big-Mac-style AND put yourself in a sugar coma with the amount of maple syrup you use. We promise, it's calorie free. If you've never made the donut chips before, check out the top video below. Recipe video for the Donut Chip Breakfast Sandwich follows! If you like what you see - make sure to subscribe to POPSUGAR Food on YouTube.