Yes, Please: Ramen Wings


Dear Readers,

Today I learned that ramen-breaded chicken wings exist. I also simultaneously learned that it's possible to fall in love with delicious, inanimate objects. These beauties come by way of Hot Sauce and Panko, a lovely little joint tucked away in the Richmond district of San Francisco.

Although I have yet to actually taste this Holy Grail of chicken wings, I imagine their addictingly crunchy upon first bite; then as the hot sauce seeps into the open flesh, every crevice is filled with its juices, making for a tender, perfect next bite. Ungh, it's glorious, isn't it?


Along with ramen chicken wings, the restaurant drops an array of sumptuous eats on their rotating menu. Such as...


prosciutto-wrapped wings doused in bacon jam...



and a breakfast waffle sandwich.

Oh, and just one last look before we go...


Stay hungry,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Foodbeast