Make Your Home Smell Like the Drive-Thru with this White Castle Slider Candle


We all know the drive-thru smell. Whether it's due to the grease leaking out of the bottom of the bag or because your friends had to eat their food immediately, there are dozens of reasons why your car and clothes sustain "the funk." Sure, it seems like a great idea to pick up the pizzas in your car -- that is, until your nostrils have to bear the aroma of old cheese seeping from your upholstery. For a week.

Good news fast food fans! If you're part of the minority that would choose to have this smell as a consistent part of their everyday life, you can now purchase the White Castle Original Slider Candle. Just think about all of the real-life scenarios that this candle could improve!


Planning a seductive date night? Chocolate, rose petals and regular candles are too cliché. Impress your date by lining your room with fries, burgers and, of course, these Slider Candles. Power go out during the zombie apocalypse? It's too bad you didn't prepare the essentials like water and non-perishable food. However, at least you can light these candles and pretend to be eating!

The best part? White Castle's candle proceeds benefit Autism Speak and cost a cool 15 bucks. And just in case White Castle doesn't float your boat, did you see these Fried Chicken Candles?!