Science Rules! The Periodic Table of Alcohol


This genius periodic table of classic boozy drinks  just  made your life a lot easier and a lot more interesting.  Mayra Artes, the illustrator of this great graphic, uses the grids of the periodic table to systematically organize the drinks into an easy-to-read chart.

Color codes add to the ease of reading the chart, with different colors for different kinds of alcohol.  In a cider mood? Look for the yellow squares.  If you’re feeling vodka, brandy, or cognac, find green, while  tequila is coded in black. This definitely beats 6th grade science by a long shot.

Each square also features the year of the drink’s creation, its alcohol percentage, and its dominant flavor.  So as long as you know what you’re in the mood to drink (which is a challenge in and of itself) you can pretty much find what you’re looking for somewhere on the table.  Here’s to science (sort of)!



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