Sushi Tank is the Motherload of Sushi Creations


Sushi art is the new latte art, from an edible Cleopatra to fishy donuts. Sure it's cool and all, but we've come across the motherload of all sushi creations, and it comes in the form of sushi tanks.


The Japanese restaurant responsible for these delicious vehicles is Kurisakiya in Japan. According to Toxel, the anime show "Girls and Panzer" inspired these sushi sculptures. The television series features a universe where high school girls operate WWII-era tanks as a competitive sport... where sushi fit into all this, we're not quite sure.




There's no word yet on how much one of these things costs, but we're confident in assuming eating a tank or two is for serious sushi fans only.

H/T Toxel + PicThx @greenmizu, @alert_one