Sam’s Club Will Actually Sell You An Entire Barrel of Jack Daniel’s


I love a good Jack and ginger as much as the next girl, but I’m usually pretty satisfied with just a glass. Yet I’m thrilled to know that if I ever (1) need an inordinate amount of whiskey (2) need a statement piece in my living room, I can buy an entire barrel of the stuff for slightly less than 10 thousand dollars. And if you don’t happen to have that money lying around in your booze fund, you can also apparently find a barrel of black label for $7680. That’s a steal, right?

Honestly, I’d be thrilled to meet any person who would shell out the cash for this much liquor. I’d also love to see what kinds of inspired foods and cocktails (bourbon raspberry float, anyone?) they’d have at their inevitable barrel party.



So tell me, what would you do with a barrel?  Impress me, and I might show up at your doorstep with a tumbler and some whiskey stones in hand.

H/T + PicThx Reddit