Apparently, the Atari Founder Opened Chuck E. Cheese's So People Would Play His Video Games


Chuck E. Cheese's is a classic childhood spot that has everything kids want, from pepperoni pizza to awesome arcade games. Interestingly enough, the same guy who founded Chuck E. Cheese's first founded Atari -- a company largely responsible for bringing arcade and video games to mainstream entertainment.

Engineer and entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell was the genius and founder behind both companies. Apparently, Bushnell had prior experience in the amusement park industry and was a fan of the Walt Disney Company. Ultimately, Chuck E. Cheese's provided an ideal opportunity for Bushnell to introduce kids to his Atari games. Thus, the mega-chain was born.


The moral of the story? Pizza, video games and ball pits amount to a genius business venture.

PicThx Chuck E. Cheese