Del Taco Launches New 'CrunchTada' Tostada and 'CrunchTada' Pizza


As summer winds down, you can hear it in the air. The bros and whoo-girls slowly migrate from musty parents’ basements back to rowdy college towns, taking their thumping basses and late night taco runs along with them. For most of us elderly folk (I’m 22), this small distance is enough for some peace and quiet. Unless, unfortunately, you happen to live in one of those rowdy college towns. Or, even less fortunately, right next to a Del Taco.

Word from the drive-thru is Del Taco’s rolling out two new menu items, the CrunchTada Tostada and the CrunchTada Pizza, and supposedly their crunch is actually pretty loud. Louder than that f@#king “Clarity” song blasting from an undergrad’s dorm room window. Louder than your roommate who promised he’d never do that one thing in your room, let alone on your bed, but did so anyway (repeatedly). Del Taco’s press release – which came with a free pair of ear plugs – blames the extra decibels on the CrunchTada’s “thick corn shell,” resting beneath layers of slow-cooked beans, cheddar cheese, taco sauce and lettuce. The Beef or Chicken CrunchTada Pizzas are the same, but with the addition of seasoned beef or marinated grilled chicken, nacho cheese, diced tomatoes and cilantro.



Today and next Wednesday September 11 you can pick up a CrunchTada Tostada free with any purchase from the Buck & Under Menu at participating Del Taco locations, between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. It’ll normally be $1 though, while the Beef CrunchTada Pizza will go for $2.29 and the Chicken CrunchTada Pizza for $2.49 a la carte.

PicThx Del Taco