Pizza-Flavored Popcorn is Made With 'Italian Spices'


Ever struggle between whether to snack on pizza or popcorn? Well, this age-old munchies dilemma has been solved thanks to pizza-flavored popcorn.


Made by the folks over at Doc Popcorn, this limited-edition flavor -- so cleverly named "Poppin’ Pizza" -- rolls out just in time for back-to-school snacking. The new item is gluten-free, made with whole grain kernels and contains no cholesterol or trans fat. Oh, and it's packed with  cheese and Italian spices. So much for the dollar slice.

The company also offers other flavors including Triple White Cheddar, Salt-n-Pepper, and Caramel Kettle. You’re encouraged to mix and match on their website, creating a grab bag of any popcorn combo you can imagine. While there’s no prosciutto flavor yet for me to mix with my  pizza, I think Hoppin’ Jalapeno will do for now.