McDonald’s Figures You Know Who They Are By Now, Eliminates Branding in New Ads



Those crispy fries may have finally achieved world domination.  McDonald’s has launched a series of advertisements across France that are completely “unbranded.”  Each of the four ads lack text or logos, yet the featured classics — fries, Big Mac, Sundae, and Filet-O-Fish (whose ad subtly sneaks in M logo on a wrapper, but we won’t tell) — have apparently become so iconic that they need no introduction.


This of course, leaves us with only one question: Is McDonald’s ready to put their food on such an intimate, bare display?  And are we ready to see our fast food so closely, so simply, so (dare I say it) beautifully? Because one thing’s for sure.  McDonald’s has raised the bar, and I will now expect my fries to come to me looking like a beauty shot each and every time. So bring on the unbranded, picture-perfect fries and a Sundae, because I am ready.



sundae-mcdonaldsH/T FastCo