These Earth-Shattering MOREOs are the Dunkaroos for Adults

moreo (1)

There are moments in history when someone is daring enough to shoot for the muthf*ckin stars. This is one of them. Cue in Reddit user EternallyXIII. This guy had the cojones to finally do what generations of Oreo fans have thought.




The earth-shattering idea: place Oreo cookies and creme in separate trays, allowing people to "customize" each dip. The concept came pitched with a mock-up "Moreo" packaging, driving home the idea that the current creme-to-cookie ratio just isn't cutting it. Sorry, Nabisco, Double Stufs were noble attempts, but this is what the masses really want.

Plus, you can even change it up with a double-decker peanut butter version.



Apparently, EternallyXIII has been trying to make the Moreo a reality for quite some time. "I've been trying to get ahold of someone at Nasbisco for years... Make this happen!" he wrote.

Hear that, Nabisco? The people have spoken.

H/T Reddit + PicThx Bear Silber