Can I Haz Latte? Cat Cafe Lets You Cuddle Cats & Drink Your Coffee Too


Maybe I'm just not in the loop, but since when did people start dining with cats?  Since Lauren Pears thought up Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, a new cat cafe in London, apparently.

Pears worked to fundraise $150,170 from the public for this new cat cafe and succeeded. Upon opening in May, the cafe is set to have about 12 friendly cats from a local animal shelter wandering about and providing customers who may have no-pet rules in their apartments ample cuddle time while they sip on their daily mocha.


Although, this cat cafe concept has already been perfected in Asia . . . who knew?  Not that I'm opposed or anything. I mean, cats are great when they aren't scratching your dining room table, complaining when you declaw them and then wanting to go outside with their new clawless paws only to find out that their nine lives are now about to be wasted on one encounter with a coyote.  But kitties with your coffee?  It's a dream come true.

H/T + PicThx NYDailyNews