Finally, Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream Is Here


Sometimes there are two things in the world that are just meant to come together. Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Breakfast and Lunch. Cats and the Internet. And now, pizza and ice cream.

Little Baby's Ice Cream, the geniuses (or nut cases) behind those cannibalistic ice-cream-man-of-your-nightmares commercials, have created a pizza-flavored ice cream. It shouldn't come as a surprise for those familiar with the Philadelphia-based creamery, whose propensity for the wacky and weird has brought us flavors like Earl Grey Sriracha and Balsamic Banana. And they are located right next to a pizza museum called Pizza Brain. Alas, only the lucky locals can attest to whether the savory dessert tastes more cheesy or tomato-y, if it has pepperoni bits in it, or if it truly does taste better the next day.