Make These Halloween Piñata Cookies


We love tricks, especially tricks that reveal more food within food. Take these Halloween Piñata Cookies for instance. Inspired by the original kaleidoscopic Cinco De Mayo cookies by Sandra Denneler, these October treats come in four silhouettes: coffins, ghosts, pumpkins and tombstones. When cracked open each cookie contains a mini surprise of either mini M&M's or sugar ants (mmm edible crawlies).

Although, we suggest adding mini sour gummy worms inside -- nothing like candied bugs crawling out of your sugar cookie to satisfy that craving. Or, for added realism, you can always fill them with you know, actual daddy long legs, adorable little maggots or petite termites. Ew, you say? We retort, stop being so squeamish and get into the Halloween spirit.



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