Entire Tray of Veggies Covered in Chocolate, Because This is America

This is the perfect Independence -- or any other -- Day recipe for those of you who can’t decide whether you want to make an appetizer or dessert to take to that blazingly-hot cook out.

It’s a desstizer. It’s an appessert. It’s a chocolate-covered veggie tray! Significantly easier than the labor-intensive cake balls that you were considering, but also significantly less of a cop out than that bag of chips you had your eye on.

The variety of veggie is up to you and your local grocer. I snagged a pre-made tray (no shame in my game) because not only did it have veggies, it had cheese and bits of meat too. Deluxe!

Chocolate-Covered Veggie Tray



A few pointers: Don't use celery. I actually tossed the celery from my tray and added in sliced peppers instead. Cheese = white chocolate. Meat = chocolate. Veggies = why not do a mix?

And yes, I highly recommend dipping all of your chocolate-covered treats in Ranch dressing. Why? Because you can. God. Bless. America.