Yogurtland Reveals Limited Edition "Snowflake Mint" and "Chocolate Hazelnut" Flavors

Ready for two more flavors from the always inventive Yogurtland frozen yogurt chain? Introducing some seasonal limited-edition flavors they're toying with -- Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and Snowflake Mint.

While we've yet to try the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut variety, we'd love to hope it tastes something like Nutella. The description boasts the "richest, smoothest real Milk Chocolate" mixed in with a good amount of Hazelnuts to up the richness of the flavor.

Along for the ride this season is a new Snowflake Mint flavor, described as "delicate and exhilarating," pushing the "cooling sensation" of gourmet peppermint layered into the brand's frozen yogurt.