A Look at Taco Bell's Breakfast Menu

Drake's new song Headlines has a lyric that reads "I'm floatin' in and out of consciousness," it's almost as if he was talking about the new Taco Bell Breakfast Menu. Why do I say that? Well, the restaurant has never had a permanent breakfast menu that they felt strongly enough about to give a full-fledged marketing push, let alone make available systemwide.

The result? A sporadic issue of different breakfast menu items, year after year, never really finding an identity the way McDonald's has with their breakfast offering, or even Del Taco has with their permanent breakfast menu. The OC Register has a piece on what Taco Bell breakfast looked like back in 2009, NRN shows you what it looked like in 2010, and we're here to show you what it looks like in 2011:

Could this be the breakfast menu that Taco Bell sticks to? A conglomerate of name brands in a feeble attempt to bring a cohesive menu offering to their customers? Johnsonville, Cinnabon, Seattle's Best Coffee, Tropicana orange juice? It honestly looks like we're peering down a grocery isle instead of gazing at a complete and confident breakfast menu. For Pete's sake, Taco Bell is the world's largest Mexican food chain as well as being one of the biggest fast food chains period, will they ever get it right?

Breakfast ends at 11 a.m. The Iced Coffee, both flavors, were good, albeit expensive for the quantity allotted. The Johnsonville Sausage & Egg Wrap is deceivingly undersized, and the only burrito on the menu of the three we tried (completely forgot to order the Grande Skillet Burrito) that was worthy of being discussed was the Steak & Egg Burrito.


Food is subjective, so if you find a Taco Bell in your area testing out a breakfast menu, definitely do your own research, you might like what you see. Until then, here's a look at what the menu items look like in real life, outside of the fancy photoshopping of their marketing team:

Taco Bell Breakfast


Sausage & Egg Burrito

Steak & Egg Burrito


Taco Bell Iced Coffee

Hash Brown and Bacon & Egg Burrito

Johnsonville Steak & Egg Wrap