Campfire Orange Cakes

Campfire Orange Cakes

Summer is upon us. Thousands upon thousands of foodies will partake in camping or beach activities this summer and FOODBEAST wants you to be the life of the campfire/bonfire. After the burgers and wieners are sitting in your friends' bellies, someone will ask, "What's for dessert?" And one of your friends will reply, 'S'mores!' and pull out the classic bag of marshmellows.

This is your chance to shine! You rise up from the smoke in your face from the campfire (even when the wind shifts right as you change your seat) and you bring a glorious new dessert to the outdoors! Forget 'placing the mallow on the graham' (you're killing me smalls reference) for one night and return to the classic another day.

These campfire orange cakes were brought to you by Emily of Today's Letters. Thanks Em!



1 box of Pillsbury Classic Yellow Cake Mix

1 cup of water

1/3 cup of oil

3 eggs

10-12 oranges (we used 2 and discarded the extra batter)


Campfire Orange Cake Ingredients

1. Using a knife, slice off the tops of the oranges about a half inch from the top. Be sure and save the tops since they will be used later on.

Campfire Orange Cake Sliced Orange

2. Hollow out the oranges like you would a pumpkin by scooping out the pulp with a spoon. (You can save this to eat or use to make fresh OJ). After preparing the cake batter according to directions, fill the oranges 3/4 full with the batter.

Cake Batter Orange


3. Place the tops back on the oranges and carefully wrap them in heavy duty Aluminum Foil.

4. Place the oranges directly into the campfire and cook for 15-20 minutes, rotating once or twice to ensure even cooking.

Orange Cake Campfire

5. Remove from the fire and check to see if they are fully cooked.