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Taco Bell Releases New Apple-Flavored Soda and Mtn Dew Sangrita

January 17, 2014 // 1:36 pm

Before you get your hopes up, there is zero booze in the new Mtn Dew Sangrita Blast at Taco Bell. I know, trickery, but so is life.

Looking to enter 2014 with an entourage of new fountain drinks, a total of six beverages will be introduced at select Taco…

VitaminWater Finally Embraces the Coconut Water Trend with Coco-Refresh Flavor

June 13, 2012 // 10:56 am

The coconut water trend is still going as strong as ever as VitaminWater introduces their newest flavor, Coco-Refresh, a blend of pineapple, coconut and other natural flavors. Following the likes of SoBe & KarmaLife, VitaminWater’s choice to add an infused coconut water beverage came as no surprise.

Featuring 10%…

SoBe Jumps on the Coconut Water Band Wagon

January 9, 2012 // 12:14 am

If there’s going to be an “IT” beverage this year, then it’s coconut water. There’s a growing cult of coconut drinkers that’s driven by the perception of the beverage as a “wellness” drink and a slew of celebrity endorsements. Rihanna, Madonna, and Anthony Keidis among other Hollywood…