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Taco Bell Reveals New Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco — Twitter Reacts with Mixed, Hilarious Feelings

April 14, 2014 // 4:19 pm

Last week Taco Bell announced plans to release a new Doritos Locos flavor sometime in May. We spent that week contemplating the different Doritos flavor potentials for the new DLT shell. However, a SnapChat preview last night revealed, to our disappointment, that the new flavor will be…

McDonalds Germany Adds Curry Sandwiches to Value Menu

April 12, 2014 // 10:16 am

Seriously McDonalds. Again with the delicious looking gourmet-ish menu items that the golden arches refuses to share with their loyal U.S. customers. Why do you hate us so?

While we’re stuck with lame “Dollar and More Menu” items like the Cheddar Onion McChicken, McDonalds Germany is spicing up…

Pizza Hut Offers New Garlic Parmesan Pizzas, Including Chicken Bacon Tomato

April 9, 2014 // 6:00 am

Pizza Hut is releasing three new Garlic Parmesan pizzas. Each pizza recipe features an indulgent amount of cheese, including a garlic Parmesan sauce, Parmesan crust and a sprinkle of Parmesan and parsley.

The three new pies are Chicken Bacon Tomato (all-white meat chicken, smoked bacon and Roma tomatoes), Roasted…

14 Strange & Terrifying Stories from Behind the Drive-Thru Window that Cannot Be Unseen [NSFW]

April 8, 2014 // 12:23 pm

You’re pulling up to the drive-thru and the person behind the window asks for your money. Have you ever taken a minute to wonder, maybe this person has seen some things. Weird things. Terrifying things. After all, it’s not always smiles and Kid’s Meals. Especially in the later hours…

From McChicken to McSpicy: McDonalds Singapore Offers Sizzling Chicken Sandwiches

April 5, 2014 // 10:20 am

McDonalds Singapore is launching their Spicy Challenge once again with the introduction of three brand new sandwiches to the fiery lineup. The new menu items range in levels of heat from Sizzling Citrus, which is essentially a McChicken topped with a green chili lime sauce, to Level 4 which…

April Fools? Burger King Motel is the Place to Go to Cheat On Your Big Mac

March 31, 2014 // 3:40 pm

Every kid at some point dreams of living in a fast food restaurant. Who wouldn’t want burgers and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner? While it’s probably a cheeky April Fools joke, it looks like that dream got a little closer to becoming a reality for some folks in…

McDonalds Switzerland Signature Line Includes $12 Burger

March 29, 2014 // 2:08 pm

Yet again we’re left in the dust while McDonalds debuts some epic menu items everywhere else but here in the U.S. The latest menu we have to be jealous over is the premium Signature Line which is being served all the way in Switzerland.

The Signature Line’s burger is…

Papa John’s Adds an Entire Layer of Bacon to Their Double Pepperoni Pizza

March 26, 2014 // 2:28 pm

If you’re ordering a double pepperoni pizza, chances are you’re not one to shy from meat. Looks like Papa John’s knows exactly what’s up and upgraded their Double Pepperoni Pizza to what’s now called the Double Pepperoni Bacon Pizza. Yep, there’s now a layer of bacon.

The new pie…

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