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Taco Bell Reveals New Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco — Twitter Reacts with Mixed, Hilarious Feelings

April 14, 2014 // 4:19 pm

Last week Taco Bell announced plans to release a new Doritos Locos flavor sometime in May. We spent that week contemplating the different Doritos flavor potentials for the new DLT shell. However, a SnapChat preview last night revealed, to our disappointment, that the new flavor will be…

‘Choritos’ Cheetos + Doritos Now Exist in One Inglorious Bag

April 10, 2014 // 1:58 pm

Before you freak out, no, we’re not talking about Cheetos-flavored Doritos or Doritos-flavored Cheetos (though we expect either would still just taste like some vague artificial “cheese”). No, what we have in mind is far more sadistic.

Continuing Doritos’ monopoly over tortilla chip mash-ups, a new variety mix combines…

CONFIRMED: Taco Bell to Launch New Doritos Locos Taco Flavor. So Here’s What a Buffalo Ranch DLT Would Look Like

April 10, 2014 // 6:59 am

Taco Bell just confirmed plans to launch the next Doritos Locos Taco sometime in May. The success of the three existing DLT flavors — Nacho, Cool Ranch and Fiery — have so far put Taco Bell in good favor with stoners across the country.

While Chief Marketing Officer Christ…

How to Make Deep-fried Cheese-Stuffed Doritos

February 25, 2014 // 1:38 pm

Shortly after the spotting of the Doritos Loaded product at select 7-Eleven stores, the Internet was quick to foam at the mouth when presented with fried cheddar cheese sticks shaped like and coated with Doritos.

While the pictures of the new Doritos Loaded product went incredibly

Doritos Releases Spicy Sweet ‘Fiery Habanero’ Dinamita Chips

February 21, 2014 // 11:36 am

Things habanero peppers taste like: fruit. Flowers. Supah hot fiyah?

Typically reserved for sweet spices, glazes, and desserts, the vibrant orange-red chile is also the latest flavor inspiration for Doritos’ line of spicy rolled Dinamita tortilla chips. Since the tongue-singing habanero clocks in anywhere between 100-350K on the Scoville…

7-Eleven Testing Deep-Fried Doritos Stuffed with Melted Nacho Cheese

February 11, 2014 // 10:58 am

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a decent (or hell, even half-decent) crispy, melty mozzarella stick has seen the face of God. Keep your fancy bries and panko breading; no amount of frou-frou ingredients could possibly improve on mozzarella sticks’ pure and utter perfection.

Except, okay, maybe Doritos.

I ate these…

Disneyland Might be the Birthplace of Doritos

February 1, 2014 // 4:21 pm

Disneyland is known for being the “happiest place on Earth” but did you know that it also might just be the birthplace of America’s beloved Doritos?

According to Consumerist, there’s two legends to the Doritos story with one of them naming Disneyland as the founding location of the…

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