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How Pringles Are Made [Bad News: They're 2/3 Potato Flakes]

April 13, 2014 // 9:03 pm

Ever wanted to know how Pringles are made? Apparently someone in the eighties already did the leg work for you. This delightfully vintage film goes through the entire process of the classic tube we know so well.  From making the tube itself to the full journey of…

Lay’s Lattice Chips Look Like You’re Eating Pie Crust

April 2, 2014 // 6:00 am

If there was a chip that was bougie in the best way possible, it’d have to be Lay’s new Lattice Cut potato chips. These pie top-resembling snacks are the newest addition to the Lay’s line. The chips are cut thick and then into an open-cut lattice shape. It’s then…

14 Non-Huy Fong Sriracha Products You Need to Try Now

March 11, 2014 // 2:57 pm

At Fancy Food Show and Expo West this year, Foodbeast discovered, to our surprise, that other Sriracha-based items existed in the world that wasn’t from the widely popular Huy Fong brand. Well, color us red. Between varying types of Sriracha sauces, condiments, snacks and even seasoning, it definitely…

Sriracha-Pringles Now Available at Walmart

February 28, 2014 // 9:41 am

Just when you thought the hubbub was over, Pringles has to go and jump on the bandwagon, albeit a little late to the game. Spotted by Impulsive Buy reader Dustin, the new Sriracha-flavored Pringles are only available at Walmart. According to the ingredients rundown, the new item…

Lays Miserables

February 18, 2014 // 3:16 pm

Science Explains Why You Are Not 1% Nacho [VIDEO]

February 3, 2014 // 4:35 pm

Let’s say a 99-lb person downs 1 lb of nachos like a beast. Would that additional weight the nachos provided, combined with the person’s original weight, result in said person being 1 percent nachos? A legitimate question that’s plagued those with the munchies for years has now been answered.…

Er, Mountain Dew Cheetos Hit Shelves in Japan

January 6, 2014 // 10:58 am


Mountain Dew Cheetos have arrived and nothing will ever be the same again. The latest limited-edition snack come from Frito Lay Japan, the same people who brought us Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos coated in a sweet cola flavor. According to BrandEating, this isn’t the first time…

Beer Cheese Dip

January 3, 2014 // 11:38 am

Picthx The Beeroness