Pringles Honey Mustard Returns By Popular Demand

Photo: Pringles


Sometimes, brands are all about listening to their fans. Pringles knows the deal and is bringing back a fan favorite flavor due to an overwhelming demand on social media requesting its return. Welcome back, Honey Mustard.

First launched in 2008 as a limited edition flavor, Honey Mustard was quietly discontinued in 2022 and ever since, fans have been begging to bring it back. Just three months ago, Reddit users were asking if it was disconnected and many responded conveying their sadness.

This week, Pringles made many chip snackers happy with the return that they announced on Instagram. One user was clearly excited, "YAAAAAAAAAAYY PRINGLES HONEY MUSTARD IS BACK OH YEAAAAHHHHH." Another responded with disappointment for being based in Europe noting, "You guys in the U.S. are lucky. We're in Europe and don't have these."


If you've never had them before, you'll want to grab one now as they are available nationwide. Featuring a savory blend of garlic and red spices, Pringles Honey Mustard balances tangy mustard notes with subtly sweet hints of honey.

Each bite delivers the zesty and honeyed flavor experience that longtime fans remember, and first-timers will love.